Posted on Oct 23, 2018

Curious Pig

These are the 10 best BBQ restaurants in Michigan
BY AMY SHERMAN | and JOHN D. GONZALEZ | gonzo@m Posted October 11, 2018

Special Award: ONE TO WATCH Curious Pig

The newest barbecue joint on our search, Curious Pig, opened in March 2018. Owners Scion and Pam Petrick got into barbecue about a year ago, and drove from the U.P. down to Kentucky to pick up a smoker. Then, they taught themselves how to barbecue. "We wanted people to come here for the whole experience and get swept away to somewhere else," Pam Petrick explained.
Professional service, a fun atmosphere, blues music and delicious barbecue combine to create a unique experience in this neck of the woods. No liquor license here, instead enjoy some lovely and refreshing mocktails, like the "Orange Blossom Stinger," with citrus, mango, carrot and a splash of ginger beer. Get a platter of meat to try a little bit of everything. The rub on the chicken is fantastic, and smoked turkey is juicy from its six-hour marinade. House-made sausage has a cajun kick. The pit beans have color and texture from the use of four different kinds of beans, and are savory and smokey. Sandwiches are creative combos that come loaded with toppings. The turkey gets bacon and both pimento cheese and basil pesto for an inspired combo. It was a big leap for the couple to embark on the journey of restaurant ownership, but from what we tasted, we think they are going to do just great. Curious Pig is a barbecue joint to watch.
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